The Hague 2025

Young Visions of Peace and Security

3-13 April 2025


until #THIS25

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The year 2025 marks the 80th anniversary of the end of World War II. This historic moment is the right time to stand still and reflect on the development of peace and security in Europe and in the world. The participants will discuss and research the most pressing issues of our time, together with experts and policy-makers, under the theme:

Young Visions of Peace & Security

theme of The Hague 2025

Participants of The Hague 2025 will be stimulated to look further than the absence of conflict and violence and investigate the significance of peace, security, and conflict in a broad societal context. The overarching theme is thus streamlined into four thematic pillars:

Peace and Remembrance

Defence and Conflict

Democracy and Participation

Economic and Internal Security

It is time for younger generations to build towards a positive definition of peace which comprises all of the four categories. Participants will reflect on the role of institutions, media, and education in enabling, sustaining, and fostering peace, focussing on one of the thematic pillars and discussing a related topic.